A Slice A Day #117 – Map Out Your Buyer’s Journey to Maximize Revenue (Orlee Gillis)

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Remember the TV game show ‘Password‘?
If I played host and you hear the clues engagement, content, lead nurturing, personas what’s the password we’re looking for?
Buyer Journey of course!
Targeting the role of the buyer with awesome content is what marketers are always striving to do.
Getting our content in front of as many eyes as we can is not the goal; the goal is to get it in front of as many of our buyer’s eyes as we can. Then the nurturing process begins that hopefully turns prospects into buyers.
Knowing that journey our prospects take to reach their decision is a process, that’s more like an art, and mapping that journey correctly is so crucial.
Orlee Gillis, Content Wizard at Roojoom, an online marketing intelligence platform that creates ‘Content Journeys‘ across the customer life-cycle recently penned an article titled ‘Map Out Your Buyer’s Journey to Maximize Revenue‘.
The article covers engagement marketing, lead nurturing, buyer journey mapping & much more and it’s all on this episode of your ‘A Slice A Day‘.

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