A Slice A Day #139 – 12 Ways to Mine Your Own Mind For Content Ideas (Stoney deGeyter)

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A Slice A Day #139 – 12 Ways to Mine Your Own Mind For Content Ideas (Stoney deGeyter)

Remember that blog post you did a couple years back that was not only one of your best but reader engagement was off the charts? Then there was the time you wrote about a wonderful user experience that truly resonated with people, remember that?
Then shake off that latest case of the ‘Blogger Blues’, go back into some of your old posts and make them fresh and whole again.
Nothing wrong with dusting off, repurposing or updating old content; it’s possible new members of your audience haven’t even seen it; so why not? Go ahead…it’s ok.
It works well for Stoney deGuyter; Stoney is President of Pole Position Marketing, an enterprise-level SEO company that serves small, medium and large businesses alike.
He recently had an article published on MarketingLand.com titled ’12 Ways To Mine Your Own Mind For Content Ideas’. In the article a lot of Stoney’s 12 ways were something I hadn’t thought of and my guess is you haven’t either.
It’s our featured article of the day, so grab that favorite bevvie and give a listen to Stoney deGuyter on today’s ‘A Slice A Day’ podcast.

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  1. Stoney deGeyter Featured on A Slice a Day Content Podcast
    July 23, 2015

    […] on his podcast A Slice a Day, a daily broadcast that discusses content marketing. Check out the podcast, and please read the article, if you haven’t already. I would love to read any of your […]

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