Logo Contest, Part 2

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Once again, I’d like to ask your opinion on these logos for Aircraft Welding. We narrowed it down to the previous 2 favorites and the client requested to see a new one along the lines of #3. Thank you again for your time! Edwards Communications Home >

Branding: The most important element in positioning your product or service

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Branding is the process of developing the name, logo, slogan, color schemes, image usage and overall tone of your product or service’s marketing materials. The entire campaign is instrumental to developing the desired perception of your target audience. All too often I see local companies pour tons of money into an advertising campaign, but not […]

Web site design: Always evolving. Always more to learn

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I created my first web site in… I don’t know… 1997 or so. I found it hard to believe that someone like me, who started college majoring in fine art, later changing to graphic design, could actually create one. These days I design/produce more websites than print work – which is a shame as I […]

Frantic Friday: A day in the life of a Photoshop instructor

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Friday’s are exhausting for me. Typically, I spend the morning trying to get a few productive things done on design projects before heading out for the day. I teach a 3.5 hour Photoshop class at Lakeland Community College on friday afternoons, and usually try to squeeze in an errand or two and/or a workout before. […]