Italy: One of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever seen

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My GFF and I recently got back from a gorgeous trip to Italy. We didn’t do the typical trip (meaning wayyyy too many days in congested Rome or Naples), we did a lot of coastal stuff and bit of Florence and Tuscany as well. One place that I MUST spend more time at is Cinque […]

Daylight savings time debacle

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So we’re a few days into the whole time change scam and, as I do every year, I feel like going to bed at 6 pm. I don’t get it. Never did get it and never will. I’ve asked people for years why the government insists on doing this. I’ve googled the ridiculous subject, and […]

Frantic Friday: A day in the life of a Photoshop instructor

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Friday’s are exhausting for me. Typically, I spend the morning trying to get a few productive things done on design projects before heading out for the day. I teach a 3.5 hour Photoshop class at Lakeland Community College on friday afternoons, and usually try to squeeze in an errand or two and/or a workout before. […]