Branding: logo, business card design, slogan for BCH ConsultingBranding: logo, business card design, slogan for BCH Consulting

Problems with previous branding as stated by the client:

  • Client created the logo and website himself and felt that they weren’t effectively communicating his quality of service
  • Wanted something more fun and clean
  • Had no slogan. Wasn’t sure what to do for it
  • Need a presence that will convey trust and credibility

Branding solutions provided by Edwards Communications:

I’m showing only the business cards right now as I just finally got approval on the final slogan. But, this is just part of an entire lead generation marketing campaign to be unveiled in December.

We needed a clean and fun logo that stands apart

Developing the branding started with the logo. I conceived four versions and put them on Facebook for some quick market testing as I usually do. I asked people to vote for their favorite. Our current logo won in a landslide. Client, Brian Hall gave his approval.

From here, I began work on the website (which is, as of this writing, about 2/3s of the way completed). This way, I can start to organize the elements and watch them begin to take shape. After I felt good about the general look of the website, I went back to the business card.

We needed a results-oriented slogan

I always aim high and impactful when it comes to slogans. I came up with, “Prevent OSHA Fines. Save Lives. Prevent Lawsuits”. We were working with that for quite a while, but I sensed some hesitancy in Brian. I need him 100% behind his slogan so I pressed him for his feelings on it. He said that it just felt too direct. So, after a couple iterations, we came up with, “Get Compliant. Save Lives. Protect your assests.” I can live with that.

We needed to brand Brian more than the company itself

This is a conversation that I had with Brian early on – we need to put him in the limelight. I think that Brian has a perfect presence for what he does (training adult workers in safety techniques). He’s engaging and has a very trustworthy look to him, so I wanted to bring that very much into the brand. We’re presenting him as THE authority in electrical safety. So, even when he hires additional instructors, they will be doing electrical safety training the “Brian Hall” way. More on this when we launch the site, email campaign, LinkedIn marketing strategy and content marketing strategy, but this is why I put the creative portrait pic of Brian on the back of the card.

We’re looking forward to a great case study with BCH Consulting. 2017 will be an exciting year watching it unfold, making adjustments and watching the conversions come in.
— Barry Edwards

Barry Edwards

Barry Edwards, creative director and principal of Edwards Communications, is a web developer and branding aficionado. Barry’s background and education is rooted in graphic design and online marketing, and teaching presentations.

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