Mentor Plastic Surgery site re-design by Edwards Communications, Cleveland, Ohio
Above is our newly re-designed site for Dr. Paul Vanek’s



Below is a sample of the previous site.
old site that we redesigned

Problems with previous website and marketing campaign as stated by the client:

  • Existing website content was too unorganized – not reader-friendly and hard to manage internally.
  • The website was dark, hard to read and outdated-looking.
  • Website wasn’t ranking high enough in the search engines.
  • The Before and After Gallery was unwieldy for the reader and the images were too dark, inconsistent… even missing
  • The site is full of duplicate content. Images have no meta data.
  • Social media marketing – primarily Facebook wasn’t engaging audience much at all
  • The bottom line: the website wasn’t bringing in the leads as promised. Not a good Return on Investment (ROI)

Online marketing solutions to this plastic surgery site provided by Edwards Communications:

Mark and I did an analysis of the website and social media analytics and SEO audit. We found numerous Google penalties and on-page negligence with the SEO. Images were not optimized. Copy was not structured properly site wide (proper H1, H2, H3 tags, paragraph copy). Tons of broken links and duplicate copy.

Off page, we found inconsistent name, address and phone info in important directories. And their social media presence was negligent, at best. Mark was contracted to do a Content Marketing Audit that shed light on who our online audience truly was and the kind of copy to push out – even when.

I determined that a complete site re-design was the most efficient way to turn things around. At 465 pages, it was a massive, 4-month project. As of today’s unveiling, we still have a number of Galleries to add and duplicate copy to shore up, but the Analytics already show a huge improvement in engagement, and the Contact/Schedule Consultation forms are looking to surpass the old site way ahead of schedule.

Update: July through August 2016 –  Launch of our Plastic Surgery Site has Resulted in Three Times More Leads as the Previous Site

The site created by our predecessors was netting an average of four leads per week – not bad when you consider the average net gain per patient. But, we increased this to an average of 13 per week from our initial launch July 2016 through the end of August; which is considered the slow period of their practice.

“we’re papering our walls with the leads coming in”

– Office manager, Sharon.

Obviously, we’re incredibly pleased. But, we’re proposing a final phase so that we can shore up copy redundancy and back links that will insure beating out the rest of the competition.

Your brand is everything

Perhaps the single biggest impact Mark and I have had is on the branding. The previous content and site design was dark, unkempt and devoid of caring about the UX (User Experience) – NOT what you want from your plastic surgeon. We turned that around completely. Our new look is bright, clean and well-organized. The content we push out on social media speaks to the audience’s interests and we don’t spam them. We’re driving more of these readers to the website – and holding their attention – then ever before.

Note the order in which we organized the website’s content on the Home Page – Info, CTA, Info, Credibility, Info, CTA…

The site itself is so large that expecting a prospect to wade through the menus and sub-menus to find what they’re looking for is a bad option. We structured the Home Page to feed them what they’re mostly likely looking for and also put our interesting, up to date articles toward to bottom to keep them engaged… should they make it that far.

We have a lot of data that we’re tracking and are going to update our Case Study on a regular basis. This has been a very rewarding experience for all.
— Barry Edwards

Barry Edwards

Barry Edwards, creative director and principal of Edwards Communications, is a web developer and branding aficionado. Barry’s background and education is rooted in graphic design and online marketing, and teaching presentations.

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