Your website is your virtual stand-in. Make it count.

Edwards Communications provides uniquely designed websites that are Google-friendly and as automated as you’d like it to be. It’s important to get our messages to the right people. No longer does simply building a website guarantee exposure. You need a plan to make it work. Usually this consists of inbound marketing efforts applied to appropriate social media and email campaigns.

This is your virtual presence. It should be taken very seriously. We’re here to help do just that. Feel free to Contact us to discuss your unique needs and receive a free estimate to fulfill them.

Effectium website design and production, by Edwards Communications, cleveland, ohioEdwardsCom Website Features

  • Custom, professional design – the priority is professional and easy-to-read/navigate
  • User-friendly CMS (Content Management System), so client can post content (blog) at will
  • Blog with individual categories of client’s choosing (such as News Releases, Upcoming Events, Special Promotions…)
  • Social Media – Include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn links and more.
  • Google Analytics for traffic analysis with a PDF report emailed to you each week.
  • Customized Contact forms. May include auto-responders if desired.
  • Askimet (a spam filter for Blog which I highly recommend)
  • Automatic backup software
  • Website security software (prevents hacking/hijacking – very common).
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) software that prompts the content manager to place keywords, titles and alt tags appropriately.
  • RSS feeds (News feed) which keep your site current and fresh (Good for SEO).
  • Endless upside for future upgradeability (blogs, videos, audios…)

Content marketing, social media and email

Social Media integration
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As mentioned above, a website is only the beginning in building a true online presence. To build an audience, gain traffic and ultimately convert sales your website needs to be integrated into the appropriate social media channels. We stress “integrated” because we see too many businesses waste time and effort into poorly executed content marketing campaigns only to abandon these efforts before they truly got started.

EdwardsCom will help you identify which social media is most important for your industry, set up professional BUSINESS pages (most do-it-yourselfers only set up personal pages) correctly and then tie these into your website.

Email campaign integration

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods in use today. It is instrumental in building your all-important LIST, which eventually become your customers. Your list is responsible for 80% of your marketing efforts success. Your email platform will keep this list growing and maintained. EdwardsCom will assist in the initial setup, design and strategy of your platform and then either train your company in executing your campaigns, or we can do them for you.

Of utmost importance is where and how you offer people to opt-in to your list. We’ll implement that strategy into your website and social media as well.

Content marketing: Strategy, content development and editing services

Your website pages, blog, social media and email campaigns all need to be filled with GREAT content. We stress “great” because the internet is now a highly competitive place and people have no time and patience for less than great content.

This great content needs to drive a sustainable strategy- a strategy that is within your time and budget that is realistic and can therefore become the most important part of your marketing efforts.

First, your target audience needs to be clearly defined. Then your “voice” and scheduling of posts/emails can be determined. We’ll then recommend how to re-purpose appropriate content through your channels for maximum efficiency.

If great content is a struggle for you, Edwards Communications will be very happy to provide this service for you. Our philosophy is:

  • Be concise: people have little time and patience for overly ornate verbiage
  • Establish a clear hierarchy: Make headings, subheadings and bulleted items count – they’re the most important items to SEO and to the viewer that typically scans for these items.
  • Repeat the most important message(s). Readers rarely critique your copy as closely as you do. We make sure that they leave with the intended message.



Website hosting: EdwardsCom provides hosting for websites that we create.

We provide you with first hand support to keep your site running efficiently. Websites and their add-on software need regular updates to remain compatible with their framework. Hosted on our VPS (Virtual Private Server), your website doesn’t run the same risks of virus and hacker attacks and will run much faster than on a typical shared server.