Dr. Roger Karp | Cleveland Dental Implant Center

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My son, Brian just searched: dental implants Cleveland and I came up first. Also first for dental implants Parma. Not bad!

Gabrielle Crouch

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We just love the new site. Its really clean and super easy to use.

Donald & Elizabeth Staas

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Barry Edwards developed the logo for our new business.  With little direction or idea as to what we were looking for, Barry developed a timeless, classy, and original image that we know we can be proud of for decades to come. Within a week of our request for services, he produced six exceptional logo designs […]

Brian Pauley

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Barry was a great asset in designing and implementing our updated corporate look and website. Until we began working with Edwards Communications, our web presence was negligible.  Once we implemented the new site design and SEO ideas we began to see our rankings improve dramatically! Over the last three months we’ve been receiving project inquiries […]

Holly Menzie

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I wanted to share with you how much praise the magazine has been generating. President Victor stopped Susan and me in the hall this morning and relayed the comments of several of the trustees, who said it is a beautiful publication, the best the College has ever produced. Faculty and staff members have passed on […]

Mike Slivers

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(upon seeing Heat Seal’s newly designed trade show booth assembled for the 1st time): Looks great in person, the graphics have a lot of pop! People who are looking for the traditional Heat Seal booth might walk past this one, too professional!

Felix Federowicz

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Barry enhanced our branding by creating a new trade show display and accompanying brochure – its dynamite! We had the best trade show display at the show in Washington DC!.

Jessica Petersen

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We received many compliments on our annual report. It was colorful, eye-catching, and interesting. With the work from Barry and our printer, we have set the bar for future annual reports.