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A Slice A Day #100  – Content Marketing Strategy – How To Build Your Plan (Michael Brenner)

As the A-Team’s Colonel Hannibal Smith always used to say “I love it when a plan comes together.”
And that’s with most anything really; especially for business. Whether your business is small to medium size or a large organization, a content marketing plan at any level can be difficult to put together correctly; but when it is, your plan has the makings to come together nicely.
To begin with, it takes a solid documented strategy, a sense of where you’re going and a team of people on the same page….a budget helps too.
Getting there can be another story but with his latest LinkedIn Pulse article ‘Content Marketing Strategy — How To Build Your Plan’ and Slideshare deck, ‘How To Plan And Build A Successful Content Marketing Strategy’ NewsCred’s Michael Brenner provides a road map any size business can use to get started.
It’s a great read with lots of valuable info, a couple of freebies and it’s our featured article today on this Episode #100 of your ‘A Slice A Day’.


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