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A Slice A Day  #107 -How to Grow Your Career in Content Marketing – S.E.E.D (Jay Acunzo)

No matter what industry or career path one takes in life, there’s always the opportunity to get better at it; that’s especially true with content marketing.
There are so many required skill sets and then there’s the skills that are the ‘nice to haves’ which soon will be the ‘must haves’; and that’s why career development within the content marketing space is so important.
Jay Acunzo, VP of Platform at Nextview Ventures in Boston thinks so. Jay is a writer, podcaster and content producer and his latest article published on his website ‘Sorry for Marketing’ is titled ‘How to Grow Your Career in Content Marketing: S.E.E.D’.
The article is kind of a roadmap in how content marketers should evolve, develop and polish their skills. It’s our featured article today in this episode of your ‘A Slice A Day‘.


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