If you’ve spent any time with Google+ you know that those who are pro-Google+ are pretty passionate about it & you’ll probably never find them on Facebook.
You also know that from a SEO standpoint Google+ comes in very handy as a little extra juice for people who are searching out the type of content that you produce.
Now, Google+ has a new feature called Collections that our guest for the next two days describes as ‘interactive magazines’.
He is Martin Shervington, Google+ expert and consultant & his latest article he penned for Jay Baer & his Convince and Convert website is titled ‘How to Show Off Your Content with Google Plus Collections’.
From what is a Collection to how to make them, what’s the ideal Collection’s cover image and what are Featured Collections? Those questions and more will be answered in this Part 1 of our two-part podcast series with Martin and it’s all right here for you in this episode of your ‘A Slice A Day’.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MartinSherv

Web Site: https://www.plusyourbusiness.com/

Article Link: http://www.convinceandconvert.com/social-media-strategy/google-collections/

Google+ Collections Page: https://plus.google.com/collections

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