Ever think about what truly makes up the anatomy of a great piece of content? The gist of the content varies from industry to industry but three properties that all content needs to possess are:
#1 – It needs to be talking to the right audience
#2 – It needs to provide value and…
#3 – It needs to stand out among all others; Ask yourself, is this the best resource out there for this topic? What’s my ‘content tilt’?
If your content doesn’t provide for all three points then as today’s guest has been heard to say: ‘It’s back to the drawing board’.
Brian Corrigan, Content Director at Magnetic Content in Sydney, Australia recently penned a thorough and excellent resource piece titled ‘Your 3-Step Guide to Creating Great Content’ that was published on the company web site.
In his article, Brian speaks to the three points previously mentioned that your content needs to have in order to be great. It’s our featured article of the day; time to grab your favorite bevvie and sit back for a few short moments and listen to today’s ‘A Slice A Day’ podcast with Brian Corrigan.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/brianjcorrigan

Web Site: http://www.magneticcontent.biz/

Article Link: http://www.magneticcontent.biz/your-3-step-guide-to-creating-great-content

The Content Tilt – Joe Pulizzi (Content Inc.): http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/content-inc/framework-content-tilt/

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