Are you a blogger that’s new to the game or are you a seasoned veteran? No matter where you fall within the blogging spectrum how many times have you heard someone champion the advice, ‘Content is King’, ‘Make Sure Your Post is Keyword Rich’….or my favorite, ‘Write for Everybody’?
Sometimes I’ve wondered if crazy advice such as that, is put out there on purpose? No one really believes this stuff do they?
Well, some do and that’s the reason why one of the more responsible folks in the blogging community recently wrote an article published at Sue Anne Dunlevie’s website ‘SuccessfulBlogging.Com‘ titled, ‘How To Fail At Blogging: 15 Insanely Absurd Tips Every Blogger Needs To Ignore’.
We’re speaking of blogger and entrepreneur Andrew Warner of ShadeofInfo.Com who took it upon himself to correct these and 12 other absurd blogging tips.
It’s our featured article of the day; time to enjoy that cup of Joe and give a listen to Andrew on today’s ‘A Slice A Day’ podcast.


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