For any marketer or business who has a content marketing strategy in place, have you thought about partnering or collaborating with other marketers on various projects? Most likely you follow someone or know of an organization who has a larger audience and greater authority than you. What if you worked together on some type of content project that could benefit both parties as long as a mutual understanding can be reached?
It can work and it has worked for many. For Stone Temple, a digital marketing agency in Boston, it’s worked well.
Eric Enge, CEO of Stone Temple recently published an article at titled ‘Using Partnerships To Accelerate Content Marketing & Link Building’. In the piece he offers up quite a bit of advice on how you can expand your content marketing efforts by collaborating with others.
It’s our featured article of the day as Eric talks about how organizations with a small following can collaborate with larger ones to gain audience and authority. On the flip side, the benefits a large organization can reap from working with an agency with a smaller audience. Eric also offers up some ideas on the types of projects you can partner with others on.
Grab that cup or glass of your favorite beverage, put on those ear buds and listen to this episode of  your ‘A Slice A Day’.


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