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While marketers are trying to figure out how to effectively reach their audience with quality content, they may not have to look any further than the ‘father of psychology’ Sigmund Freud.
It was he who professed that the mind is a ‘complex energy-system’; who am I to disagree?
Understanding people’s behavior definitely has a place in content marketing and Braveen Kumar, a Content Marketer and Editor at Uberflip agrees. He recently wrote an article for the company blog titled ‘5 Psychological Hacks for High-Impact Content Marketing’.
Among his 5 psychological hacks Braveen writes that there are key points within a written or printed piece of content where your best stuff needs to stand out in order to grab someone’s attention.
Using a little psychology, along with content marketing best practices, you can effectively get people to act upon something you suggest within your writings.
It’s about the science of the mind and how it relates to your content. So give that screen on your mobile device a tap or give that play button a click and listen to this episode of your ‘A Slice A Day‘.


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