It’s happened to anyone with an email address; if you see something in your inbox addressed to anyone or anything but you, what do you do?
For me, it’s outta here….gone, buh-bye…
What about when there’s a bit of personalization with your name and the email ‘speaks to you’? You’re opening it, right? I am….
And so will Adam New-Waterson; Adam is the CMO of LeanData, creators of account-based lead management software and he recently published a post for Uberflip‘s blog titled ‘Creating Content for an Audience of One’.
Adam’s hyper-targeting efforts have been very effective over the course of his career including using video to target Senior-level managers of e-Commerce web sites. He’s also used personalized & targeted PowerPoint presentations at tradeshows and conferences for others.
His is our featured article of the day so click that ‘Play’ button or tap that screen to listen to this episode of your ‘A Slice A Day’.


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