If you produce or curate content as part of your job, you know your task is far from over once you hit that publish button. It’s what you do with the content once it’s published.
And if it gets in front of the right people…that’s ‘money’. Who doesn’t love it when business goals and good content align?
Like a lot of amateur and professional sports, keeping fundamentals as part of your daily routine and in our case content fundamentals, that’s the key between winning with your content or watching it sink into the abyss.
Ron Sela, a content marketer, writer/blogger recently published an article at Curatti.com titled ‘7 Advanced Thoughts On Content Marketing’; it’s a look at 7 great points that will help you with your content marketing efforts.
His is our featured article of the day, so tap that screen on your mobile device or hit that play button right there at your desk on this episode of your ‘A Slice A Day’.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ronsela

Web Site: http://www.ronsela.com/

Article Link: http://curatti.com/think-about-content-marketing/


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