A Slice A Day #161– Design Experiences, Not Content (Carla Johnson)

Every time you publish an article, blog post or in my case, a podcast, your aim is for that piece of content to be better than the last one, right?
I always ask myself, ‘could I have done better?’ ‘Was my editing exceptional and does it sound right?’ And most important, ‘did the podcast add value and was the listener experience worth remembering?’
“It’s the entire experience that matters”, a quote from a recent article written by Carla Johnson titled, ‘Design Experiences, Not Content’.
Carla is a B2B Consultant at Type A Communications, a consultancy she owns, and is also co-author of the recently published book, ‘Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing’.
She’ll also be speaking at Content Marketing World next week on Thursday, September 10th.
Her article, it’s a short read, but the idea is that the experience a customer receives from a brand should be not about individual pieces of content, it’s about the overall experience that’s delivered.
Carla talks about that and also shares a wonderful story to begin the podcast and a special guest stops by for a take of his own.
It’s our featured article of the day, so tap that play button right now on this episode of your A Slice a Day.

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Web Site: http://typeacommunications.com/

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Article Link: http://7theraofmarketing.com/design-experiences-not-content/

Book Web Site – Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing:   http://7theraofmarketing.com/

Buy the Book on Amazon: http://bit.ly/amazon-the-book-experiences-the-7th-era-of-marketing <—Not an affiliate link, I receive no compensation of any kind if you click over.

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