The B2B buying cycle has changed so much over the past 5-10 years; marketers have to really know their prospect. They have to know what buyers are looking for and what holds their attention. It’s all about quality content that’s relevant and helpful.
It’s not just the way content is researched and used by B2B buyers but as a marketer you have to understand and empathize with their journey. These days the road to purchase is a process and a process that’s littered with tons of noise; and irrelevant noise at that.
Deana Goldasich, Founder of Well Planned Web recently wrote an article that was published on LinkedIn Pulse titled ‘B2B Buyers Have Changed. Have You?’.
Deana’s article takes a look at the amount of research B2B’ers perform prior to a purchase, why cold-calling simply doesn’t work because you can’t get anyone’s attention and what marketers need to do to get a B2B buyers’ attention.
And this week at Content Marketing World in Cleveland, Deana is sitting on a discussion panel where the topic is content buy-in and how to get it from inside an organization.
All of that and more today with Deana Goldasich on this special, Content Marketing World 2015 episode of your A Slice a Day.


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