Does anyone in the <fill in the name of your industry here> ever stop learning? Probably not.
However when your industry involves human behavior and thinking you know how people shop for products and services, you can put marketing up there with some of the harder industries to master.
Especially when it comes to content marketing and figuring out what people search for online in relation to the products and services they seek.
Erin Robbins O’Brien, Chief Operating Officer of GinzaMetrics makes a compelling case for interjecting search keywords and phrases into your social media conversations. And she writes the same thing can be done with email.
She recently wrote an article published on the company blog titled ‘Improve Social Media Posts and Engagement With Search Keywords’.
It’s Part 1 of a two-part conversation with Erin; today it’s the parallels between social engagement and search keywords, how to turn that concept around to effectively mine email data and if you’re just getting started, her recommendations for doing it right.
It’s our featured article over the next couple days and it starts right here on this episode of your A Slice a Day.


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