The first time I heard anyone talking about people who Share, Retweet or Favorite an article or blog post that they hadn’t even read was this past summer; I believe it was Joe Pulizzi & Robert Rose on their ‘This Old Marketing Podcast‘. And it’s true, I see it all the time with our content.
I do appreciate the shout-outs, the shares, the Retweets and all that but please, at least read the article or listen to the podcast.
I may have sucked really bad or more realistically 😉 someone may have said something that that person wouldn’t normally agree with but yet they’ve just endorsed that piece of content.
Early in 2014 and commenting on research his company had done the CEO of Chartbeat, Tony Haile, revealed they found there’s no direct correlation between people who share content actually read what they’re sharing.
Our guest on today’s REWIND episode is Alexandra Samuel. Alex is a researcher, writer, strategist and author who wrote an article in June for Harvard Business Review‘s web site titled ‘How Bots Took Over Twitter’.
It’s our featured article of the day and a chat I truly enjoyed so click on or tap that play button on this episode of your A Slice a Day REWIND.


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