A Slice A Day #169 - The Week That Was In Content Marketing (Erin Robbins-O’Brien, Buddy Scalera)


It’s Monday, it’s a new week and it’s ‘The Week That Was In Content Marketing’ today on your ‘A Slice a Day’.
Last week we featured a couple of articles including one that was so fascinating from Erin Robbins O’Brien that we it turned into a two-part podcast.
During last week’s podcast and in her article, Erin talked about why some keyword or keyword phrases work well on some social platforms and not so well on others.
She offers up some suggestions on how you can take advantage of commonalities among keywords & keyword phrases being used on social. Then incorporate those into your content and spread them across your social channels as part of your overall content marketing strategy.
The title of her article is ‘Improve Social Media Posts and Engagement with Search Keywords‘.

We also featured an article from Buddy Scalera that not only spoke to why you shouldn’t be using stock photography but also why the solution for keeping it real may be occupying a desk right within your company.
The article is titled, ‘Say No to Stock Photography and Create Authentic Images’.
Buddy also talked about taking the DIY approach by creating your own original photography; working with pros when you have to and working with your team to plan your visual story.
We’re highlighting both podcasts from last week on this A Slice a Day’s ‘The Week That Was In Content Marketing’.

Erin Robbins-O’Brien – Improve Social Media Posts and Engagement with Search Keywords

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TexasGirlErin

Web Site:  http://www.ginzametrics.com/

Article Link: http://www.ginzametrics.com/blog/improve-social-media-posts-and-engagement-with-search-keywords/


Buddy Scalera – Say No to Stock Photography and Create Authentic Images

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarketingBuddy

Instagram: https://instagram.com/buddyscalera/

Web Site: http://www.buddyscalera.com/

Article Link: http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2015/06/create-authentic-images/


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