I couldn’t imagine or put into words how good I would feel if I had 100,000 followers of this podcast. I’m confident, one way or another, we’ll get there one of these days but imagine, a community of 100,000 followers? That would feel pretty good.
But imagine you come to a point when you feel like it’s time to move on and do other things; could you?

Stephan Hovnanian has and that’s exactly what he did this year; he walked away from a community that took a lot of hard work and time to build. He made a lot of new friends, made some money but it was time to do other things.
But for Stephan it came with a price. Not a monetary price but a social price, if you will.
Stephan is owner of Shovi websites, a Boston based web marketing company and he wrote a tremendous article that was published at Inbound.org titled, ‘Would You Walk Away from 100K Followers? I Just Did.’

In his article Stephan takes you on a written journey of his story, in his own words. He talks about his accomplishments, where he feels he went wrong with his community and when it was time to move on. And he offers up some great advice and a few takeaways for anyone that has an online community or if you’re looking to start one.

His is our featured article for the next two days and today it’s Part 1 of our conversation with Stephen Hovnanian on this Monday episode of your A Slice a Day.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/stephanhov

Web Site: http://www.shovi.com/

Article Link: http://inbound.org/post/view/would-you-walk-away-from-100k-followers-i-just-did

Google Plus for Small Business Community: http://bit.ly/google-plus-for-small-business <—Stephan’s former community site now owned by Linda Buquet

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