A Slice A Day #179 – Would You Walk Away from 100K Followers? I Just Did. – (Stephan Hovnanian) Pt2


Today, we wrap our our two-part conversation with Stephan Hovnanian and a tremendous article he wrote that was recently published at Inbound.org.
But before we get into Part 2, if you didn’t get a chance to listen to Part 1, we suggest reading Stephan’s article first, then listen to Part 1 of the podcast, then Part 2.
It does seem like a roundabout way to get back to this point but it’s worth the trip.
The title to Stephan’s article is ‘Would You Walk Away from 100K Followers? I Just Did.’
To his question, I know what my answer would be; that is until I read the article. Stephan takes you through his 3 year journey and what transpired for him to finally just walk away from his Google+ for Small Business Community.
In this episode Stephan talks about establishing a community and the ‘social celebrity’ status it can bring, the tipping point on continuing with his Google+ community, what went wrong and a couple of his own takeaways.
All of that and a bit more with Stephan Hovnanian on this episode of your A Slice a Day .

Twitter: https://twitter.com/stephanhov

Web Site: http://www.shovi.com/

Article Link: http://inbound.org/post/view/would-you-walk-away-from-100k-followers-i-just-did

Google Plus for Small Business Community: http://bit.ly/google-plus-for-small-business <—Stephan’s former community site now owned by Linda Buquet

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