Are you a LinkedIn evangelist? How about an occasional user? Maybe it’s just a place where that old resume you haven’t updated in 5 years resides.
No matter where you stand on the #1 business-oriented social platform there’s no denying it’s potential. Folks can connect with others within their respective industries via groups and also promote and share their own content across the platform.
One of the more shrewd moves companies have been making is getting their employees more involved with LinkedIn by sharing company content.
In an interesting article published at Mike Stelzner’s ‘Social Media Examiner written by A Slice a Day friend Chris Raulf, he makes a compelling case why companies need to start leveraging employees to share their content on LinkedIn.
The title to Chris’ article is ‘How to Encourage Employees to Share Your Content on LinkedIn’.
On the podcast today Chris talks about the LinkedIn employee engagement program, it’s benefits for a company and employees alike; how to get started and assisting employees with their own LinkedIn profile optimization.
We’re talking LinkedIn with expert Chris Raulf today on this episode of your A Slice a Day.


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