Are you or a company you work for involved with some type of email marketing? What about a well-thought out and planned drip campaign? Have you tried or looked into that?
You’ll need to decide on a topic for your campaign, create a strategy around the business goals for the campaign and create content that people want and need to solve a problem; these points need to be top of mind before you begin any campaign.
Pawal Grobowski, freelance copywriter and content marketer for SaaS startups and Software companies recently published a pretty thorough and comprehensive article over at Sujan Patel’s ContentMarketer web site titled ‘How to Convert Existing Content into an Email Drip Campaign’.
In his article Pawal addresses the power of drip campaigns, planning the campaign and keyword research all the way to campaign roll out.
On the podcast today, listen as Pawal talks about the processes he goes through when he creates his own drip campaigns, using existing content that has worked well in the past to save time and establishing relationships with your audience that can go a long way as your business moves forward.
It’s the power of drip campaign email marketing with Pawal Grobowsky on this episode of your A Slice a Day.


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