Has this happened to you? You have a run of good ‘content luck‘ where you feel you’ve done pretty well with your content overall; people are engaging, they’re sharing but you still wonder, how well?
You know you’re employing good content marketing best practices and you know there is always room for improvement, but in what areas can you improve?
Last week I received an email from a good friend of the podcast and Scoop.it CEO Guillaume Decugis.
He mentioned that his team at the popular content curation platform had developed a Content Marketing Grader. He asked if I wanted to take the test and talk about an article that his Director of Marketing, Julie Gauthier had written about the grader?
The title to Julie’s article is ‘On Track to Content Marketing ROI? Take the 5 (minute) Test’.
Of course we happily accepted and also decided, this would be a great article to feature here on the podcast.
I was anxious to take the test and although my results were not surprising (I scored a 53 out of 100)…not great at all. I’m doing a few things right but in other areas not as good.
The grader not only told me where I stand with my content marketing effectiveness it also offered up suggestions via content the team at Scoop.it have produced to help me out. And it can work for you too. And did I mention it’s all free?
It’s our featured article of the day; read the article, take the test and listen to my conversation with Guillaume Decugis on this episode of your A Slice a Day.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gdecugis

Web Site: http://www.scoop.it/

Article Link – (Julie Gauthier – Director of Marketing Scoop.it): http://blog.scoop.it/2015/10/20/on-track-for-content-marketing-roi-take-the-5-test/

SlideshareScoopit’s Content Marketing Grader for ROI: http://www.slideshare.net/Scoopit/scoopits-content-marketing-grader-for-roi

Take the Test & Find Out Your Content Marketing Score! –  http://business.scoop.it/content-marketing-grader-for-roi/

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