Welcome to a new week and The Week That Was In Content Marketing. It’s a look back on last week’s shows where we go over the highlights of each podcast and give you a chance to read our featured articles and listen to the podcasts in case you missed them.
We began the week with Pavel Grabowski, a copy writer and content marketer specializing in content for B2B SaaS startups and software companies.
His article that we featured was published at ContentMarketer Web Site titled ‘How to Convert Existing Content into an Email Drip Campaign’.
Pawel’s article in it’s entirety is a comprehensive ‘How-to’ on developing, creating and mapping out a strategy for your email drip campaigns. He also shares his designs and strategies that go into his own email drip campaigns.

We also spoke with Scoop.it Co-Founder and CEO Guillaume Decugis on an article featured on the company blog titled ‘On Track to Content Marketing ROI? Take the 5 minute test…’
Guillaume’s team went through some manual painstaking research on Scoop.it user activity that paid off with the development of a set of best practices the refer to as Lean Content Marketing. They served as one of the key ingrediants in the creation of The Content Marketing Grader.
You can take the test yourself and by answering all 12 questions the grader provides a score to show you where you stand with your content marketing.
It also tells you where you may be falling short with your content and offers up suggestions that you can implement immediately to improve your content marketing.

It’s two podcasts for the price of one on this Monday and The Week That Was In Content Marketing and this episode of your A Slice a Day.

Pawel Grabowski – How to Convert Existing Content into an Email Drip Campaign

Listen to the Podcast: https://edwardscom.net/?p=3676

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pawelgra77

Web Site: http://smashingcopy.com/

Article Link: http://blog.contentmarketer.io/how-to-convert-existing-content-into-an-email-drip-campaign/

GetDrip (Lightweight Marketing Automation That Doesn’t Suck) Blog: http://blog.getdrip.com/


Guillaume Decugis – On track to Content Marketing ROI? Take the 5 minute test

Listen to the Podcast: https://edwardscom.net/?p=3683

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gdecugis

Web Site: http://www.scoop.it/

Article Link – (Julie Gauthier – Director of Marketing Scoop.it): http://blog.scoop.it/2015/10/20/on-track-for-content-marketing-roi-take-the-5-test/

SlideshareScoopit’s Content Marketing Grader for ROI: http://www.slideshare.net/Scoopit/scoopits-content-marketing-grader-for-roi

Take the Test & Find Out Your Content Marketing Score! –  http://business.scoop.it/content-marketing-grader-for-roi/


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