As we head into month December, 2015 have you made your content marketing new year’s resolutions yet? Have you thought about what it’s going to take to plow through all of the clutter and the noise to get your content in-front of your people?
Let’s start now and dare to be different. Above all, create content your audience truly wants. Not what you think they want.
A decent article I came across recently was written by Rob Wormley. Rob is the Head of Content at When I Work and the title to his post is ‘The Biggest Content Marketing Trends to Focus on in 2016’.
I enjoyed the approach Rob took to write his article; he offered up his own great insights but also reached out to some of the leading content creators and marketers for their advice too.
The result? An article on producing a different kind of content that’s invaluable and shouldn’t be missed; now’s the time to finally differentiate yourself from everyone else.
As we detail our featured article of the day, listen as Rob shares his thoughts on where content should be going in the new year; he talks about the value of uniqueness of inline content and also, ‘Deeper Personalization’.
All of that and a whole bunch more comes your way on this episode of your A Slice a Day.


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