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A Slice A Day #64 – Complementary Marketing: The Intersection of SEO and Content Marketing (Cory Collins)

When you write a good article that not only has a good title, is full of facts, has a ton of educational value and is a good read, you have to feel pretty good about it’s chances resonating with folks.
Today we begin a two-part series on such an article. It was originally published this week at Search Engine Watch by Cory Collins. Cory is the Content Marketing Manager at Page One Power and the title of his latest article is ‘Complementary Marketing: The Intersection of SEO and Content Marketing’.
In this part one of our series, Cory talks about why a solid foundation of SEO best practices shines with a good piece of content, measuring and analyzing your competitor’s content and engagement, the ‘Skyscraper Effect’ and much more in this episode of your ‘A Slice A Day’.


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