A Slice A Day #86 – Seven Ways to Leverage Visual Storytelling in Your Marketing (Stan Phelps)

There’s a few people that come to mind that I thought were great at speaking publicly and the one thing they all had in common, other than being good speakers, were great visuals. Their slides were compelling, they spoke to me and they made me want to go out and do whatever it was the speaker was talking about.
The power that visuals have in written, online or presented content is huge. We talk about the content glut we are now experiencing and one of the ways to make your content stand out is by creating good content and use super visuals.
Stan Phelps, Founder of 9 Inch a consultancy that inspires brands to win the hearts of both their customers and employees, sings the praises of visuals in his latest Forbes article titled ‘Seven Ways to Leverage Visual Storytelling in Your Marketing’. And also with his latest Slideshare deck ’21 RULES to Rock Your Next Pitch or SXSW Session’.
They’re our featured pieces of content; we talk with Stan about how our brain see visuals, less is more when it comes to visual text, the use of power points with your visuals and a lot more on this episode of your ‘A Slice A Day’.

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Article Link: http://www.forbes.com/sites/stanphelps/2015/03/21/seven-ways-to-leverage-visual-storytelling-in-your-marketing

Slideshare – 1 RULES to Rock Your Next Pitch or SXSW Session: http://www.slideshare.net/9INCHMARKETING/21-rules-to-rock-your-next-pitch-or-sxsw-session

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