A Slice A Day #88– What It Means to Be a Data-Driven Marketer in 2015 (Ian Michiels)

As an admitted data-geek I enjoy when I run across an article or blog post that talks about data analysis in marketing. It’s a skill that’s invaluable and could mean the difference between getting that promotion or landing that dream job, but there’s also a lot of skepticism within some organizations on the value of data.
The article I refer to comes to us from Ian Michiels, CEO & Principal Analyst at Gleanster Research located in the Bay Area of San Francisco. The title of Ian’s article is ‘What It Means to Be a Data-Driven Marketer in 2015’.
During our conversation, Ian talked about why organizations will simply not take the time or have the resources to do the deep dive with data, being a data-driven marketer and some of the skepticism and push back you may get within your own organization and A/B testing. Those topics and a whole lot more on today’s episode of your ‘A Slice A Day’.

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Article Link: http://blog.gleanster.com/2015/04/03/means-data-driven-marketer-2015/

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