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A Slice A Day #91 – How B2B CMOs Can Turn Social Media into Social Storytelling (David Butler)

The idea of storytelling is nothing new but social storytelling for B2B marketers is a fairly new way of marketing to industry customers and prospects.
In order to make it work and be successful there are a number of people and processes that need to be in place. Of course the most important is a documented strategy that delivers value and is consistent over time with everyone in the organization on-board and buying in.
David Butler, Founder and CEO of iPositioning recently wrote and article for titled ‘How B2B CMOs Can Turn Social Media into Social Storytelling’.To tell effective and relevant stories, as he writes, a Story Team can be a great way to get an organizations message across via it’s content. On today’s podcast David talks about a story team’s members, who they are and their roles and processes; it’s our featured story today on this episode of your ‘A Slice A Day’.


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