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A Slice A Day – Episode #68 – Should You Customize Your #SEO Strategy For Specific Niches (Tom Demers)

Determining a SEO strategy for your content can be one of the most satisfying exercises for some but an excruciating ordeal for others. Nonetheless it has to be done and done properly, especially if your in a niche industry or service.
Tom Demers, managing partner at Cornerstone Content in Boston, MA recently wrote an article where he details 3 major considerations an organization should go through when creating a SEO strategy titled, ‘Should You Customize Your #SEO Strategy For Specific Niches?’.

In the article and on today’s podcast Tom talks about understanding the search and buying behavior of people within your niche, tools to make the job a bit easier, terms and keywords you want to rank for and alternatives to Google keyword data that can be advantageous. All of this and a bit more on today’s episode of your ‘A Slice A Day’.


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