The role of a content marketer is always evolving. Keeping up with the increasing number of marketing channels is one thing but what about new marketing tools and the ability to use them efficiently?
What about the needed skills to design graphics for a blog post or designing and creating an infographic? At least there are online tools such as Canva, Piktochart, Pixelmator and others that can help.
Then there’s the ability to think like a developer and oh yeah, don’t forget SEO.
The skillset of a content marketer is all-encompassing.
Hana Abaza, VP of Marketing for Uberflip recently wrote a guest piece at that addresses the skills and traits to be a successful content marketer titled ‘Seven Must-Have Traits of the Perfect Content Marketer’.
It dovetails very nicely with Uberflip’s super slick infographic, ‘Portrait of a Content Marketer’.
It’s our featured article and infographic on this REWIND episode of your A Slice a Day.


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