A Slice A Day REWIND #185 – Cupcakes, Candlesticks and Content Marketing (Steve Maurer)

Enjoying good business stories is something that makes me smile. You know the kind; when you hear the ragtags to riches story that took good old-fashioned hard work and a bit of luck to accomplish…I love those.
And we have a good one today courtesy of Steve Maurer. Steve is a B2B copy and content writer and an article published earlier this summer on his blog is titled ‘Cupcakes, Candlesticks and Content Marketing’.
It’s about a company that has been and still is the world’s largest and most profitable consumer products company. As you read this I would bet you’ve probably used at least one of their products today.
During the podcast Steve details the history of one of the oldest content marketing efforts in American business history. Also the importance and the right way of educating prospects and customers about your products.
It’s all right here, it’s right now on this REWIND episode of your A Slice a Day.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SteveMaurerMCW

Web Site: http://www.maurer-copywriting.com

Article Link: http://www.maurer-copywriting.com/cupcakes-candlesticks-content-marketing/

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