Every now and again you run across what many consider a ‘non-sexy business’ and yet the passion these businesses bring to their particular industry or niche is unbelievable.
Better still, they have a passion for producing great content.
Brian and Rachel Goulet are the owners of the Goulet Pen Company and a few years ago they began positioning themselves as thought-leaders within their industry by producing value, via their content, for people seeking their products and services, via social media.
Since then Brian continues to separate the company from his competition by consistently producing content in the form of a weekly blog.
He also produces videos around fountain pens and continues to be one of the shepherds in the highly competitive office supply industry.
Using their own highly-effective online voice, they continue to create value for their customers with an experience like no other while carving out their own unique niche.
Writer, blogger, author and speaker Trevor Young completed a case study of the Goulet Pen Company a few months back. Out of that case study he wrote a fascinating article that provides an in-depth look inside the company and how content continues to be a marketing staple for the Goulet’s.
It’s a Slice a Day REWIND with Trevor Young and a really cool look inside the ‘not-so-sexy’ industry of fountain pens and the Goulet Pen Company on this episode of your A Slice a Day.

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