How to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic for B2B Companies (Neil Patel)


Twitter: @neilpatel

Article Link:

WikiBrains – 55 Social Media Sites for Entrepreneurs

When I came across this article I read it first before knowing who the author was; when I finished reading this super good article I found out it was penned by Neil Patel….of course it was; I should have known. Well-written, concise and not your typical ‘How to’ article.

Neil, co-founder of KissMetrics really nails it with this article and I was very happy to feature it on today’s episode. Give the video a look then read the article; I think you will have many takeaways and some great advice for the B2B’ers in the audience.

I also wanted to add that LinkedIn is not the only B2B networking platform so I’ve also attached a link to WikiBrains 55 Social Media Sites for Entreprenuers… will bookmark this page.

And as always, thanks for stopping by!

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