A Slice A Day – Episode #13 – Sat – Dec 13th, 2014

Pinning for B2B: 7 Tips to Get Your Business Started on Pinterest (Nicole Loepp)

Twitter: @WTWH_Nicole

Website: http://marketing.wtwhmedia.com

Article Link: http://marketing.wtwhmedia.com/pinning-b2b-7-tips-get-business-started-pinterest/  

I have always thought that Pinterest could benefit darn near every business in somehow or someway. Images and videos are quicker to view than reading an article or a brochure, but what about Pinterest for B2B?
Nicole Loeppe from WTWH Marketing Lab in Cleveland recently wrote an article entitled “Pinning For B2B 7 Tips To Get Your Business Started On Pinterest” and we talk about 3 of Nicole’s 7 tips on today’s podcast.


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