A Slice A Day #7 - 6 Ways LinkedIn Can Help Grow Your Business - Trent Dyrsmid


6 Ways LinkedIn Can Help Grow Your Business (Trent Dyrsmid)

Website: http://groovedigitalmarketing.com/

Twitter: @trentdyrsmid

Article Link: http://groovedigitalmarketing.com/6-ways-linkedin-grow-business/

The Bright Ideas Podcast: http://brightideas.co/category/podcasts/

If you’ve never read any of Trent’s blog posts or listened to one of his podcasts you’re missing out…huge! Trent is a go-to source for a lot of us content marketers because he lives it, day in and day out. And how in the world he finds enough time to do what he does is nothing short of crazy…..but in a good way. Check out his website for a ton of free content, eBooks, white papers and his White Board sessions, ala Rand Fishkin.

I thought I would feature this post because my partner Barry and I were talking about LinkedIn as a topic for our latest ‘Happy Hour Recap’ VLOG. Even though a lot of folks use LinkedIn for its job-seeking and resume posting advantages it’s also become a fabulous source for great content within just about any industry worldwide.

So give the video a look and read Trent’s article on 6 Ways LinkedIn Can Help Grow Your Business.

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