A Slice A Day #8 - Video is the New Black for Content Marketing


A Slice A Day – Episode #8 – Mon. Dec. 8th, 2014

Video is the New Black of Content Marketing (Colin Osing)

Website: http://videomarketing.somedia.net

Twitter: @ColinOsing

Article Link: http://videomarketing.somedia.net/video-is-the-new-black-for-content-marketing/

Video has been a part of our marketing arsenal for Edwards Communications and for our clients for over 3 years. That’s why this article made sense for us to talk about; according to Cisco video will make up 78% of all traffic on the Internet by 2018.

Colin talks about 4 reasons why your business should be thinking about implementing video as part of your strategy and we would like to take that a step further by saying, start creating your own video blogs or use video to highlight your premium content.

The one thing I did disagree with in the article was the a point that Colin was trying to make in the first paragraph about ‘Content Marketing’ being a buzzword. Watch the video to find out why our opinions differ but all in all, a good piece from Colin Osing.

Have a look and thanks for stopping by.

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