A Slice A Day – Episode #18 – Facebook News, That Isn’t (Jay Thompson)

Twitter: @aumwjay

Article Link: Facebook News, That Isn’t

Extra Article Link: 5 Effective Ways Nonprofit Can Respond to Changes at Facebook –


You don’t usually hear a whole lot of talk around Facebook for B2B’s, but there are a lot, to my surprise, who use Facebook and have used it effectively in the past. Most of these folks, sadly, have used Facebook as a platform to vocalize organically, promotions and other paid events that they have going on.
Starting next month in January, 2015, Facebook will begin penalizing Pages for using promotional organic (non-paid) posts because people simply do not want to see them in their news feeds.
My guest on the podcast today is Jay Thompson and he owns and he recently wrote and article about the changes called ‘Facebook News, That Isn’t’. Jay gave us his take on how some in the industry released the info as doom and gloom, he addressed the changes and finally he talked about what Pages should be doing with their content on Facebook instead of promoting and sell, sell, sell. Give a listen and let us and of course we invite you to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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