A Slice A Day – Episode #19 – Can B2B Be Successful in Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation? (Chris Peer)

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Website: http://syncshow.com

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Click here to read: Can B2B be Successful in Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation?

Creating a content marketing strategy for many B2B’s can be quite challenging; and manufacturing is one of those industries where content and inbound can be really effective. But where do they start? In this episode I talk with Chris Peer, CEO of SyncShow located in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio and one of SyncShow’s niche industries they service is the manufacturing sector. We talked with Chris about his business and how they manage content and inbound for his clients on today’s episode of ‘A Slice A Day’. http://media.soundcloud.com/stream/S3SMI3Clm8YG.mp3


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