A Slice A Day – Episode #24 - The B2B Content Marketing Funnel




A Slice A Day – Episode #24 – The B2B Content Marketing Funnel (Jeremy Taylor)

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Article Link: http://oursocialtimes.com/the-b2b-content-marketing-funnel/

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Jessica PopseckTwitter: @NiftyNerdSpot

When it comes to the B2B buying process marketers sometimes give all of the rich content away in the pre-sales or top of funnel phase, but why? That should be the point where you make the prospect aware of your web site and what your company is all about via a good article or blog post.
Jeremy Taylor from Our Social Times over in the UK penned a nice piece recently entitled The B2B Content Marketing Funnel. What the attention getter for me was the fact that he asks, why aren’t B2B marketers waiting until the middle of funnel or mid-level phase to deliver that really good content? We talk about that and more on today’s A Slice A Day podcast.

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