A Slice A Day – Episode #26 – What You Need to Know About Instagram’s Big Changes – (Cassandra Reed)

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Since it’s launch in 2010 Instagram continues to be one of the most used and hottest social media platforms out
there. Think about it, who doesn’t have an Instagram account that you know? There’s not many, and users can tie their Instagram posts with their Facebook accounts so pictures and videos can now be shared simultaneously across both social channels.
Recently Instagram announced some welcome changes and improvements and Cassandra Reed of Katie Wagner Social Media wrote a great article that highlights the changes and she also offers up a Marketing Tip for each improvement. The name of her blog post is What You Need to Know About Instagram’s Big Changes. Hear Cassandra talk about each improvement and she also comments on using Instagram as a B2B social tool and how marketers can benefit from it. That and a lot more on today’s A Slice A Day.

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