A Slice A Day – Episode #27 – Truth Marketing: A 2015 Prediction on Business Growth – (Corey Blake)

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Happy New Year Everybody! Thanks very much for the time you’ve given me and the podcast; I truly appreciate it. And I think we’re hitting the ground running for 2015.
Truth Marketing, what does that mean to you? I wanted to start the year off surrounded by good feelings and optimism and I found it with our selected piece of content. It comes to us by way of Huffington Post and an article titled ‘Truth Marketing: A 2015 Prediction on Business Growth‘ written by Corey Blake. Corey is the CEO of Round Table Companies and he’s also a pretty good writer himself. I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Corey as he talked about truth in business, his ‘a-ha’ moment, and what it takes for businesses to not only embrace the concept but to live it every day, right here on your ‘A Slice A Day’.

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