A Slice A Day – Episode #28 – How to Use LinkedIn to Make Meaningful Connections with Qualified Prospects (Trent Dyrsmid)

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I’ve always wanted to put together a podcast that dealt with B2B LinkedIn as the subject. I had just never found a piece of content that suited the criteria….that was until recently. Found an article that is chocked full of nuggets and everything else they say good about a post.
It comes to us from Trent Dyrsmid and not with a whole lot of surprise. If you listen to Trent’s ‘Bright Ideas’ podcast or if you’ve read his content you know why I say that. But nonetheless Trent provided us with a ton of useful info that you can implement as soon as you’re finished listening to the podcast.
The name of the article he penned is ‘How to Use LinkedIn to Make Meaningful Connections with Qualified Prospects‘ and although the title may seem a bit long, the content contained therein is nothing short of huge. So give the podcast a listen and please give us your take.

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