10 Twitter Lists Ideas for Businesses – Brandon Himpfen

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We’ll let you read the article but of the 10 Lists the best takeaway Lists that I found helpful were:

Team and Staff Lists – Depending upon the size of the business you can probably put everyone’s account in this list, however for a larger organization you may want to segment the List out by dept or by senior management, IT, Sales, etc.

We’ve heard over the past months that businesses that let employees drive value and ignite brands via their social media channels are businesses that will be rewarded. It’s been said that “Social technologies aren’t barriers to productivity, but portals to connectivity.”

Companies who take on the initiative to allow their staff to promote the brand are way ahead of the game.

You could take this topic and write blog post after blog post. But we like the idea of Team and Staff Lists.

Helpful Resources – These would be Twitter accounts of websites providing tutorials to some of the products you sell or represent or possibly your own businesses Help account. And not only should this account be monitored by the social media team, other depts. within the organization can be a Help Resource as well.

Supporters and Fans – These are the folks that will go to great lengths to support your business and as the article says “will sing your praises”. These will be your brand evangelists an businesses need to pay attention to who’s saying what, both good and bad, about their brand or products.

Thanks to Brandon for the article and thank you for watching and stopping by!

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