A Slice A Day – Episode #31 – It’s Not Social Media Marketing, It’s DiGiorno (Lindsey Havansek)

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I think we can all agree that Friday’s are Fundays, yes? So that’s what we’re doing with today’s podcast. First of all the podcast involves pizza! Second it involves a brand that most everyone here in the U.S. knows and that’s DiGiorno Pizza. If you’re not familiar with DiGiorno they make a pretty awesome frozen pizza that you cook up in your own oven and then, enjoy.
Lindsey Havansek of Innovative Marketing Resources in Boston, Mass recently wrote an article, It’s Not Social Media Marketing, It’s DiGiorno, that I really liked so I thought we would feature it. DiGiorno’s ability to use Twitter as a marketing tool to connect with their fans is a key to part of their success, and they do it very well.
However 2014 wasn’t all pizza goodness and pepperoni for the company but they got through it very well with down to earth and heartfelt sincerity. Lindsey talks about all the good and not so good for DiGiorno in this episode of your A Slice A Day. http://media.soundcloud.com/stream/RWrnXs1yohCt.mp3

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