Photo Credit: Gabriel Weinberg

Photo Credit: Gabriel Weinberg

A Slice A Day – Episode #36 – 10 Reasons For Blogging That No One Ever Thinks Of (Becky Blanton)

Blogging has been around the digital world for quite some time; and since the rise of content marketing, marketers have found a great way to create helpful content with a whole lot of value for their audience.
Yet a lot of folks simply will not take the time and the reason we hear most is “I don’t have the time”.
Becky Blanton, a ghost-writer and freelancer, recently published an article on LinkedIn titled “10 Reasons For Blogging That No One Ever Thinks Of”. Fun read, inspiring and it makes a whole lot of sense of why you should be blogging especially if you’re a marketer, owner of your own business or simply as a hobby. Becky talks about why she blogs, why consistency is key and telling a good story on today’s episode of your ‘A Slice A Day‘.

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